On July 30th we released an update of the Windows software, the Android and iOS apps and the firmware for the six Brain2 units.
In addition to all the things already present in the previous updates, some new features and controls have been added and numerous improvements have been introduced suggested by users who are using the previous version 3.2.050

Here the announcement:

As usual new Software and new Firmware notifications will be automatic, and system will prompt user to update once powered unit is connected to a Windows PC or Android devices or iOS devices with Internet connection active. But for those with Brain that no longer use the APPs so frequently (because the controller is fine as it was set up), let’s know who was interested in the release of the following update:

  • Software 3.2.054, Firmware 3.2.054 30 July 2019

IMPORTANT NOTE: Immediately after the update, go to panel 7 of the Wizard and check that your swashplate is selected (or check if in panel 8 of the wizard appear the message “SWASHPLATE NOT SELECTED”).
IF ANY SWASHPLATE IS SELECTED: Select the correct kind of swashplate used on your model (a unit power cycle can be required), then check that swashplate movements are correct. If swashplate movement are not correct go into the panel 8 and:
– Check that SRV-1 of the top left displayed swashplate is connected to SRV1 input of the unit, SRV-2 in to the SRV2 input and SRV-3 in to the SRV3 input.
– If required, correct swashplate movements with “Servo Reverse” button.

• Wizard: moved panel 9 “Unit Orientation” to panel 2 position, all other panels are scaled by one position
• Added further controls for the swashplate displayed as selected in panel 7 of the Wizard
• Added message “SWASHPLATE NOT SELECTED” in panel 8 of the Wizard if swashplate was not correctly done
• Now it is possible to log also values of Z-Acceleration, X-Acceleration and Y-Acceleration (in G units)
• Added in parameters that can be managed with Jeti telemetry Z-Acceleration, X-Acceleration and Y-Acceleration
• From this version it is officially added the decoding of new Spektrum SRXLv2 protocol used by Spektrum for their new receivers (for now only SPM4650) selecting the “HoTT/SUMD/UDI/Xbus-B/SRXLv2/Mpx-SRXL(oldest Spektrum RX)” icon / protocol with possible physical redundancy using 1/2 DSMX satellites
• Checkbox “Spektrum Bind” to put by software RX/SAT in to bind mode, now work also when Spektrum SRXv2 protocol is selected
• Wizard panel 9 & ADVANCED, Tab Common, Receiver: now when the Tail Gain checkbox “Is set in Software” was selected (or unselected), the radio channels for “Tail Gain” and “Setup Selection” are automatically exchanged between them
• Introduced a further improvement in current measurement with Hobbywing ESC’s
• Renamed the JETI integration file under “Help” menu and on the server from “Brain.zip” to “Brain2Jeti.zip”
• Updated version of JETI integration file brain.bin inside the downloadable “Brain2Jeti.zip” file with all the recent firmware and software changes
• New version of FRSKY script file for integration Brain2.luac inside the downloadable Brain2FrSky.zip file
• Simplified, optimized and speeded the code and greatly reduced the total size of the precompiled FrSky LUAC script to leave the RAM space for other little LUA script running in background
• Now external sensors connected on the FrSky Smart.Port bus no more freeze the FrSky Integration
• Greatly reduced (practically eliminated) the tedious messages of “Telemetry lost” during the use of FrSky Integration
• Now the FrSky Integration doesn’t hang when particular values are read or written
• Revised some FrSky Integration menu
• Improved the “Tail Motor driven” routines for Micro Brain2 now selectable also via Integrations
• Added in the “Configure Bluetooth” window a control of maximum number of characters inserted in the NAME and PIN fields
• Revised in the “Configure Bluetooth” window the length of fields for NAME and PIN
• Added Spanish instructions selectable under Language menu
• Revised French instructions
• New version of README_for_ESC_datas_log_and_telemetry.pdf document
• New version of README_for_OpenTX_Integration.pdf document
• New version of README_for_Jeti_integration_for_BRAIN.pdf document
• In Panel 8 of the Wizard increased the maximum values imputable in CYCLIC and PITCH fields for particular Heli Models with particular swashplate geometry where the servo horns cannot increase (EG: Gaui X3)
• Revised the Framerate calculation for FrSky S.Bus (1 not 2) that has a framerate different (9ms) from the official Futaba S.Bus framerates standard (7ms or 14ms)
• Now if you select in the Futaba transmitter the FASSTest 12C protocol and you wrongly connect to the S.Bus2 port instead of the S.Bus port, the channels signal is anyway decoded even if the telemetry will obviously not work
• DIAGNOSTIC section, “Real Time” tab: moved buttons over values
• DIAGNOSTIC section, “Recorded Logs” tab: moved buttons over values
• DIAGNOSTIC section, “Vibrations” tab: moved buttons over values
• If in Demo Mode, on the top bar, changed the fake serial number with “*** DEMO MODE ***”
• Updated the last two labels “Counters” to “Timers”
• If on the bench and connected to unit with an app open in the EVENTS page, a message appears when new events have occurred, and the screen should be updated with the Refresh button to display them.
• Wizard panel 12 added “Input:” in front of the percentage of Throttle input
• Some grammatical corrections in the instructions and Label / Parameters Names
• Minor graphic changes
• Improvements/optimization/compression/reduction/speed up of the code

For Android & iOS app’s:
All the new functions and improvements already listed for “Software & “Firmware” with more:
• Now the APP start also if no Wi-Fi nor SIM data connection is active for the automatic checks done by Google and Apple (to check that the app was correctly purchased)
• Recorded Log and Realtime Log: now when you press the “Camera” icon to save a screenshot, a feedback message appears
• Recorded Logs: solved a problem that caused that sometime loading a previously saved file did not display all the data
• Realtime Logs: fixed a problem that caused that the file sometime was not saved correctly
• Corrected the name assigned to the eleventh parameter (RPM) during Flight Log download
• Added space between Diagnostic keys and Android keys to avoid wrong operations

As usual for the iOS and Android app publication is needed some more time not dependent from us but from Google and Apple.

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