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“I Just wanted to say Thank You, to the MSH Brain team, for making such an awesome flybarless controller. I maidened my Blade 360 CFX 3s today, and it flew perfectly, didn’t even have to adjust the tail gain. Thank you for all your continuing efforts and creating a unit that has such flexibility and so many options at a great price. I will be a dedicated user from here on

“Brain units have the best tail behavior out of any fbl unit I’ve ever used.”

“The Brain has a long history of a very, very good governor.”

“Avevo l’align g pro [..] e PER FORTUNA ho messo brain 2 bt.  [..] Uso anche il governor della brain e ti assicuro che è fantastico. [..] Per non parlare dell’assistenza sul settaggio.
Se sulla brain c’è qualche cosa che non ti convince basta chiedere sul forum e ti risponde sempre qualcuno, per non parlare del fatto che i stessi produttori della fes leggono il forum.”

“Brain2 and ikon2 are amazing. Full telemetry for dirt cheap.
Phone app with Bluetooth setups and adjustments or, pc setup with all adjustments and now tx too.
Great governor. Easy to use and setup.
Easy to adjust the tail too.”

“Ikon2/Brain2 is the still the best bang for the buck and integration with Jeti, Spektrum, Graupner makes it very flexible. I fly most of my models on Jeti/Brain and they are every bit as good as the VBC with NEO.Brain experience.”

“Have a few flights now on my first brain unit.i honestly can’t belive the difference between it and my microbeast units.the brain in smooth and precise and so locked has changed my flying style and my confidence when I fly.what an amazing fbl soon as I can afford to I will pull the microbeast units from my other helis and swap them all for brain units ????????
Jonathan King

“Thank you very much … very impressive in customer care … We will love your products even more … I have told this impressive story to my friends at the stadium fly and he was very impressed.”
Ja Ja

“Ikon does it, and does it well!
Helped a guy set up his Brain2 on a Goblin 700 today and everyone was commenting how cool it was that it flew well right from the get go. No futzing about trying to get it tuned up and flying right. He hovered for about 10 seconds, then off he went doing loops and rolls.
Try that with a flybar heli! LOL
I really have to say the Brain2 is just an amazing piece of equipment.”

“When tuned correctly have a really good feel in the air–some say better than vbar (I don’t say that — but, some do).”

“First Brain experience. So far pretty good. A lot different than my Spartans, but I’m liking it so far. Esc telemetry is bad ass”
Ben Pennington

“now everything (im all nitro) is Ikon/Brain HD and wish I just went with that originally and stuck to it because I really enjoy the hobby again.”

I contacted and ordered from MSH Electronics, they have kept me updated regularly and have done everything possible to get the part to me as soon as possible. Outstanding customer service

“Today my MSH Brain saved the day when my own brain failed! Practiced inverted tail-first flight and lost orientation resulting in my Goblin 500 heading for the ground. Enabled rescue mode and the heli flipped upright and started to gain altitude so I could easily regain control ???
Trond Gjølstad Ziarkowski

“I have to say it even though I do not fly anything else anymore. I did spartan (yes not latest) and beastx (not lastest) and never Vbar, but Brain/Ikon seem to work well for me the last couple years. I don’t mess around and what settings I do change, I know what they do and what I want.
I’m sure many people can find that in whatever flybarless system but I do love Brain.”

“I just swapped out AR7200BXs for Brain2 BTs on a Goblin 500 and Goblin 630 and the Brain is head and shoulders better (more precise, much better tail and cyclic control, much more precise adjustment capabilities) than the BeastX units. The included Self-level and Rescue functions worked flawlessly, and with no extra charge or registration requirements. I will be changing the rest of my large helis to Brain2.”

“Test flight done in second, no adjustment needed!! This I why I love Brain! Flys perfect for me Stright out the box and is easy to set up”
Nick Stroud

“The performance and precision improvements over the BeastX (which was decent), particularly in tail hold, are nothing short of amazing.”

“I thought Skookums 720 was the best gyro out there for years. Bought a Ikon2 and Brain2, by far the easiest and best gyro I have ever used, love em.”

“Just a thumbs up post…now it’s about a month since i put Brain 2 on my Blade Fusion 270, put about 150 flights in (8h 40 min flight time acc. to Brain timer), and boy this thing works so fantastic! It blows my mind every single flight over and over again! I love this unit ?
Tomaz TB

“I flew with Spartan before switching to the Brain2. 3D on the Spartan FBL is very similar to 3D on the Brain2. The Brain2 flies exceptionally well right out of the box with default settings.”


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