As usual new Firmware notifications will be automatic, and system will prompt user of the presence of new updates once powered unit is connected to a Windows PC or Android devices or iOS devices with Internet connection active.

For those with Brain2/iKon2 that do not frequently use the APP/Software (because the flight controller unit is fine as it was set up), let’s take a look at what is coming with this update (for free) in addition to previous versions already released:

 – Software: 3.4.122, Firmware: 3.4.122 (61° official release), 14 June 2023:

  • Crossfire reception improvements (sensor loss occurrence zeroed)
  • Completely new version of the TBS Crossfire Integration package (Release Notes inside). Work only starting from this new firmware (does not work with ELRS because ELRS Telemetry is for now only unidirectional, unlike TBS telemetry, which is bidirectional)
  • Added for TBS Crossfire & ELRS Crossfire protocol the telemetry transmission of a Variometer data (Altitude & Vertical Speed)
  • Added under “Help” menu the new command “Download latest TBS Crossfire Integration”
  • Graupner Integration: swapped the labels “Tail Asymmetry” and “Maximum Tail Rotational Speed”
  • Added in the MANUAL section of the app the “Ethos Integration” icon for the download of the PDF manual and updated the icon for the “OpenTX/EdgeTX Integration” manual
  • Updated the 3 icons for FrSky Smart.Port, F.Port, F.Bus protocols by adding OpenTX, EdgeTX, Ethos and moved to the same row
  • Updated panel 3 images with new icons and new layout and telemetry selections images with new “Variom.” checkbox in all online and embedded instructions
  • COUNTERS: Added “Main Engine” to the list of model parts to keep track of wear and tear (Piston rings, Cylinder, Piston, etc.)
  • Clarified, completed, improved and updated some instructions (EG: panel 9 & 14) and some message boxes
  • Changed some labels in the app and also in the Integrations to be clearer (EG: “VSpeed” to “Vertical Speed”)
  • Revised French instructions
  • New version of the document “README_for_OpenTX_EdgeTX_integration_for_BRAIN.pdf” (+TBS)
  • New version of the document “README_for_ESC_datas_log_and_telemetry.pdf” (+ELRS)
  • Improvements / optimization / compression / size reduction / code speedup

Android / iOS app’s:

All new features and improvements already listed for this “Software & “Firmware” release

As usual, the release of Android and especially iOS apps publication still needs some time for testing and approval by Google & Apple


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