As usual new Firmware notifications will be automatic, and system will prompt user of the presence of new updates once powered unit is connected to a Windows PC or Android devices or iOS devices with Internet connection active.

For those with Brain2/iKon2 that do not frequently use the APP/Software (because the flight controller unit is fine as it was set up), let’s take a look at what is coming with this update:

– Software 3.3.039, Firmware 3.3.039 (47°) 09 December 2020

  • Introduced the possibility to control Tandem Rotors models such as the Vario Chinook
  • Added the possibility to log RPM also from a second electric motor (EG: model with tail motor or model with two motors like Velos)
  • Added the possibility to read and record in the Flight Logs the value of a PWM signal output from an external device
  • Added the possibility to control through an additional radio channel assigned to the new B-Aux3 function, a PWM signal output on the CH4 connector to control an additional function in addition to the B-Aux2 one already present on the CH2 connector. To disable PWM Output set B-Aux3 to “No Channel”
  • Now even with standard receivers with separate channels wires, the QOS values of the received signal are calculated and therefore also with these receivers the parameters “RxFrameRate mS”, RxFades n°”, Frame Losses n°”, Holds n°” can be recorded in the flight logs memory
  • Added to the loggable parameters “Global Vibrations” value
  • Added to telemetric parameters manageable via Jeti telemetry “Global Vibrations”
  • Added to telemetric parameters manageable via Spektrum telemetry “Global Vibrations” under the emulated sensor “Fuel Status”. “Fuel Consumed” is the instantaneous value of “Global Vibrations” for which the alarm can be set, “Flow Rate” is the maximum value of “Global Values” reached during flight
  • Added to telemetric parameters manageable via S.Port (OpenTX) telemetry “Global Vibrations” under the emulated sensor “Fuel”
  • Added to telemetric parameters manageable via F.Port (OpenTX) telemetry “Global Vibrations” under the emulated sensor “Fuel”
  • Added for diagnostic purpose to the loggable parameters “CPU Temperature C°”. This value is also now visible on the top bar of channels panels at the right of “(servo voltage = x,x V)”
  • Added the two new events “Check Mode Activated” & “Check Mode Disactivated”. This let know to some user why during setup Throttle do not work and why green led go to off
  • Added the new event “Loaded a Configuration File”
  • Now telemetry values are read also from old Platinum V3 ESC’s. Only RPM & Power Output (PWM). If ESC governor is used, Power Output can be very useful to verify that the used gear ratio is correct
  • Added the new loggable parameter “ExtRxVoltage” which is the voltage read by the auxiliary connector (“extra voltage”) available on some Futaba receivers
  • Now with SPM4649T receivers the voltage seen on “Telemetry” page of TX for “Volts” sensor is that read from the “V Batt” connector of the 4649T RX (in the “Flight Log” page the voltage reported for “Receiver” continue to be the Servo Voltage of Brain2 as before)
  • Now Fades calculations work with SRXL2 protocol also with DX6 or DX7 Gen2 EU version transmitters working only at 22ms (it is required a new 4651T firmware that responds as required by the protocol, to the bind status interrogation)
  • Revised the range of Fine tuning by dials / potentiometers / Trim increasing PID range for tail, aileron and elevator with some update of the min and max values
  • For those who, after setup, use pitch curves with reduced negative values (reproductions, some beginners, etc.), the storage of dials values are now also performed with collective pitch values between -100% and zero
  • Eliminated repetitions of EVENTS when the motor fast start of Autorotation Bailout is running
  • Revised for F.Port the “Frame Rate” calculation due to the different frame rate in ACCST mode (9ms) and in the new ACCESS mode (7ms)
  • Eliminated the annoying false alarms generated with SRXL2 receivers if during setup with a USB powered control unit the power is removed and restored to the receiver and servos
  • When in demo mode, if a configuration file is loaded, the type of control unit from which the file has been saved is recognized and the correct scheme for that type of unit is displayed
  • Removed the automatic switching between “Tail Gain” and “Setup Selection” channels when selecting “Is set in Software” for tail gain
  • Tail Motor Driven: the short tail rotor starts up when the swashplate movements that show that the initialization of the control unit has been completed, are removed
  • Tail Motor Driven: Now in addition to the Advanced section, the tail motor limits can also be adjusted from the Wizard’s Tail Setup (Output) panel
  • If one or more servos are disabled in ADVANCED, the servo icons in the WIZARD are completely disabled
  • To avoid the useless sending of unit returned as with defective outputs but without any defect, now if the correct MIXER CCPM is not selected, or if the swashplate or tail servos are not set, the background of the “Swashplate Type Selection” and/or “Servo Setup” panels are highlighted in orange
  • When in “Throttle Out” section of Wizard, throttle is reversed (EG: for nitro or gasser servos) the text color of “Reverse” button changes
  • Now when the unit is in Boot Loader mode a message informs the user if internet connection is not active for firmware download
  • Now the software version is displayed also on the top bar of the unit selection when in Demo Mode
  • Reduced minimum rotation speed value for Ailerons and Elevator from 100°s to 80°s (F3C)
  • Now the minimum value for Ramp Up can be reduced to 1 (from 2 before) for scale models (also with Integration’s)
  • Updated version of Brain.bin file inside the new downloadable “” file for Jeti Integration with revised minimum values for aileron and elevator rotation speeds and the selection for Tandem Rotors type
  • New version of README_for_Analogic_integration_by_TX_dials.pdf document (added table page with values of each parameter)
  • New version of README_for_ESC_datas_log_and_telemetry.pdf document
  • New version of README_for_Spektrum_Integration.pdf document
  • New version of README_Brain_Recovery_Procedure.pdf document (only from web site)
  • Revised French instructions
  • Revised Russian instructions
  • Improvements/optimization/compression/size reduction/speed up of the code


Android / iOS app’s:

All the new functions and improvements already listed for this “Software & “Firmware” release, plus:

  • iOS: reduced to practically zero crashes with new devices and new iOS versions


As usual for the Android and especially iOS app publication is needed some more time not dependent from us but from Google and especially Apple.


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