As usual new Firmware notifications will be automatic, and system will prompt user of the presence of new updates once powered unit is connected to a Windows PC or Android devices or iOS devices with Internet connection active.

For those with Brain2/iKon2 that do not frequently use the APP/Software (because the flight controller unit is fine as it was set up), let’s take a look at what is coming with this update:

  • Software: 3.4.081, Firmware; 3.4.081 (53°), 5 October 2022:
  • Added Crossfire (416.666bps) with telemetry decoding. Telemetry is transmitted to RX from CH3 connector and channels transmitted by RX are received from SAT1 connector
  • Added the FrSky F.Bus icon (460.800bps) in panel 3 “Receiver Selection (Input)” of the Wizard
  • Added FlySky i-Bus protocol (with telemetry) automatic recognition and decoding when the multiprotocol icon is selected
  • Spektrum protocol SRXL2 can now work at higher speed (400.000bps) if all devices connected to the SRXL2 bus can rut at this speed. This permits a lower latency in the commands.
  • Now regardless of whether the flight controller’s governor is used or not, when the model blade length is selected in Wizard panel 10, the governor’s Speed1/Speed2/Speed3 values are raised to the typical RPM values for the model size (low for large models high for small models)
  • In panel n°1 “General Instructions” of the Wizard, “SAB Goblin 580 Nitro” has been added to the model selection dropdown list
  • Added in panel 1 of the Wizard the item “Transmitter Mode” for a better support and statistic purpose
  • In panel 5, the “Tail Gain” signal slider changes to blue color if during subsequent tail setup it was decided not to use a radio channel to control tail gain but to select the “Is set in software” checkbox. This is because in this case it will be more obvious that the tail gain slider position in panel 5 and controlled by the transmitter, cannot modify the tail gain
  • Added three traffic lights in the title bar of Wizard panel 5 that indicate in real time whether the receiver and/or satellite 1 and/or satellite 2 are working or not working or whether the signal is intermittent
  • Increased in panel 12 of the Wizard and in Advanced the maximum value of “Pulses for rotations” from 20 to 25 (for the new DirectDrive motor bundled in RAW 420 with 21 pairs of magnets)
  • Added under “Help” menu the new files in “” for Integration on FrSky transmitter using the new ETHOS OS (Tandem20 / 20S, Tandem18 / 18S, Horus X12S-ISRM, X10 / X10S Express). Read the file “Readme.txt”
  • Released a new updated version of the “” file (see ReleaseNotes.txt)
  • Released a new updated version of the “” file (see ReleaseNotes.txt)
  • Revised Spektrum Integration
  • Revised Graupner Integration
  • Added for better diagnostic purpose the following purple ESC Events:

220 “ESC: Low voltage protection”                      For YGE, Scorpion, Kontronik, HobbyWingV5

221 “ESC: Over current protection”                     For YGE, Scorpion, Kontronik, HobbyWingV5

222 “ESC: Over temperature protection”             For YGE, Scorpion, Kontronik, HobbyWingV5

223 “ESC: Input throttle is not at 0% position”    For HobbyWingV5

224 “ESC: Motor locked protection”                    For HobbyWingV5

225 “ESC: Throttle Signal loss protection”          For HobbyWingV5

226 “ESC: Abnormal input voltage”                     For HobbyWingV5

227 “ESC: ESC lack of one phase”                     For HobbyWingV5

  • Many additions, changes and improvements in the data saved within the configuration files, Event files and recorded Logs files, and in the management of update server data so that we can do more in-depth analysis on the files received from users and offer better and faster support and diagnosis and remote assistance
  • Revised French instructions
  • Some revision of icons, connections diagram, names, titles, labels, units and instructions
  • New version of “README_for_ESC_datas_log_and_telemetry.pdf” document (added FlySky & Crossfire pages)
  • Improvements/optimization/compression/size reduction/speed up of the code


Android / iOS app’s:

All the new functions and improvements already listed for this “Software & “Firmware” release

As usual for the Android and especially iOS app publication is needed some more time


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