As usual new Firmware notifications will be automatic, and system will prompt user of the presence of new updates once powered unit is connected to a Windows PC or Android devices or iOS devices with Internet connection active.

For those with Brain2/iKon2 that do not frequently use the APP/Software (because the flight controller unit is fine as it was set up), let’s take a look at what is coming with this update:

  • Software 3.4.012, Firmware 3.4.012 (49°) 04 August 2021
  • Now also the SRXL2 signal coming from the “Bind/Prog/SRXL2” port of Spektrum “base” receivers (EG: AR6610T, AR8020T) is recognized and used
  • Now also the SRXL2 signal coming from the Smart Throttle output (CH1) of Spektrum “base” receivers (EG: AR6610T, AR8020T) and Spektrum “normal” receivers (EG: AR410, AR620) is recognized and used. This is the preferred way to use also “base” receivers if you want to avoid the internal RX UART for “remote receiver” connected to the “base” receiver is disabled and used for “Bind/Prog/SRXL2” communications!!
  • Improved the channel reception immunity when app’s (Windows, Android, iOS) are connected to the Flight Control Units and F.Port2 and F.Port (inverted and un-inverted) protocols are used
  • Added in Spektrum Integration the new “Min V to go (cells)” parameter
  • Added in Jeti Integration the new “Min V to go (cells)” parameter
  • Added in FrSky Integration the new “Min V to go (cells)” parameter
  • Added in Graupner Integration the new “Min V to go (cells)” parameter
  • Added three new Events: n°112 = “Min V to go recognized”, n°70 = “Min V to go skipped”, n°115 = “Max Usable mAh reached”
  • To unlock the “Min V to go” function, it now takes only two attempts to raise the throttle instead of three, and the function does not activate for values greater than two cells if an ESC telemetry is not selected or if ESC telemetry does not work (wrong setup and/or wrong connections: ESC battery voltage = 0)
  • On top bar of “Receivers Channels” panels, Voltage value change to red color if below 4,7V and CPU temperature value become red when over 80°C
  • Now in Demo Mode (no connected unit recognized) the window for selecting the various models of control units to emulate is immediately displayed. The initial window that indicates the absence of connected units has been removed to speed up execution times
  • Added the TBS Crossfire protocol in the S.Bus protocol paragraph of the receiver panel instructions
  • Renamed panel 12 of Wizard to “Throttle Out & Telemetry & Governor Setup”
  • Now, when you save a flight log, the flight log number downloaded from the flight control unit is automatically proposed as file name so that it is easier to compare it with the group of Events that have the same flight number
  • The format of the saved flight log files has been modified by adding the flight number in the header. When a file with this new header is reloaded, the flight number will be shown in brackets in the header of the graph also if the user has modified the file name by deleting the flight number.
  • Pitch Exponential (Antigravity): Negative values caused a slight reduction in maximum pitch, now they cause instead a slight increase in maximum pitch (delta=10%)
  • Tail Motor: Now also non-tail specific ESCs are triggered (EG: BLHeli with standard firmware and standard configuration)
  • After this software update, with subsequent software updates both the message and update progress windows will show both the current software version number and the version number of the software you are installing
  • For informational purposes only, in panel 9 “Tail Rotor Setup” the tail gain values received from the transmitter are now displayed even when the “Is set in software” checkbox is not selected (in this panel that has “Check Mode” active they have no influence)
  • Added some small changes (also server-side), some new functions and some new fields in the “Support Request” to improve their management and to be able to provide more specific and faster answers
  • Introduced new diagnostic functions for faster and more reliable product analysis
  • New version of “README_for_ESC_datas_log_and_telemetry.pdf” document
  • New version of “README_for_Spektrum_Integration.pdf” document
  • New version of “README_for_Jeti_integration_for_BRAIN.pdf” document
  • New version of “README_for_OpenTX_integration_for_BRAIN.pdf” document
  • New version of “README_for_HoTT_telemetry_and_integration_for_BRAIN.pdf” document
  • Revised French instructions
  • Some revision of names, titles, labels, units, instructions (English and Italian)
  • Improvements/optimization/compression/size reduction/speed up of the code

Android / iOS app’s:

All the new functions and improvements already listed for this “Software & “Firmware” release plus:

  • iOS app now can run also on MAC with Apple M1 processor
  • iOS: Improved the graphic display in landscape mode

As usual for the Android and especially iOS app publication is needed some more time not dependent from us but from Google and especially Apple.


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