Brain2 family

NEW High-performance CPU

Latest generation CPU for Brain2 best performances.

4 times more computing power and 5 times more available memory for firmware than our previous generation of Flight Control Units.

This has also made it possible to add new features right away, such as Flight Logs, Telemetry, etc. and will allow new features to be added over time, making your investment last longer.​

Brain2 CPU image

USB Power Capability

No need to power the model up now to make quick configuration changes, configuration backup, firmware update, view flight logs graphics, view vibrations graph, view Events list, etc. etc.

Just plug in the USB port and the Brain2 powers up, with an integrated diode to prevent powering the servo power bus (no need to take the blades out of the blade holder! No battery discharge!). Quick changes have never been so easy.

USB and SYS sockets are always available for immediate connection to configuration apps are not used for other functions.

Brain2 USB image


Thanks to our expertise in the design and manufacture of plastic moulds and the use of sophisticated technopolymers, we have made no fewer than eleven plastic moulds for the production of our control unit casings. Compared to simpler, CNC-made metal casings that are cost-free and require no minimum quantities to manufacture, plastic casings offer the following advantages:

  – Less weight, which affects the performance of the models.
  – In the event of (non-extreme) shocks, plastic enclosures absorb the impact and then return to their original shape.
  – They avoid the possibility of short circuits of internal electronic components.
  – Since components can be mounted right up to the edge of the circuit boards without the risk of short circuits, the size of the circuits can be reduced, thus reducing the size of the control units, taking up less space on the model (and weighing less).
  – They do not shield the signal of any devices incorporated inside such as Bluetooth/WiFi and therefore do not reduce their range.
  – In the event of scratches, they do not lose their colouring as they are not painted.
  – They do not cause sunlight reflections or glitter that could disturb the pilot.
  – Dampen ultrasonic vibrations of turbines.




Micro Brain2 (MSH51640) is now complete.

Micro Brain 2 has all the performances of its bigger brothers, including proactive governor, but in an extremely small package, ideal for use in 180 class helis.

Brain2 Micro with Governor connector


MINI Brain2 (MSH51635) has all the characteristics of the regular Brain2 but in an incredibly small package.

For models of any size. ​Due to the really small size and vertical servo plugs it can be fitted in narrow frame or little class models, without any compromise in performances.

Brain2 Mini dimensions


HD Brain2 versions (MSH51632 and MSH51638) can be powered directly from a Lipo or a BEC trough the dedicated connector. An electronic safety switch can turn on or off all your avionics. In case the control switch should experience any failure, it’ll default to ON position.

Brain2 HD option cables image


INTEGRATION of Brain2 with all radios with full telemetry allows you to adjust any Brain2 parameter and functions directly through specific menus generated by Brain2 on the transmitter’s screen.



EdgeTX / OpenTX




Forward Program

Brain2 Spektrum integration screenshot
Brain2 Jeti Integration screenshot
Brain2 EdgeTX/OpenTX Integration screenshot
Brain2 FrSky ETHOS Integration screenshot
Brain2 Graupner HoTT integration screenshot
Brain2 ELRS/TBS Crossfire Integration acreenshot
Brain2 ELRS/TBS Crossfire Integration acreenshot


Models MSH51630 & MSH51632 of Brain2 can connect WireLess

Units can connect also wireless to a Windows PC, Android or iOS devices. Apps for Android and iOS are available on Google Play and App Store.

Brain2 models with integrated Bluetooth


Brain2 comparative table


With all Brain2 models it is possible to check all important parameters, both, using the realtime feature or reviewing the recoded data after each flight session. User can select which of more than 50 different parameters to log from a menu, 12 different parameters can be logged at same time, up to 50hz sampling.

Brain2 Logs display screenshot


Vibrations log of all Brain2 units is a useful tool to check model status in flight. Vibration logging helps diagnose any kind of mechanical problems.

Brain2 Vibration analysis screenshot


Events are logged inside Brain2 for each flight session and can be reviewed at any time.

Brain2 Events screenshot


Telemetry transmission of the most important data of the Brain2 and / or of the devices connected (RPM sensors, ESC & BEC, temperature sensors, etc.) to your transmitter where you can set acoustic, vibration, voice alarms.

Brain2 telemetry images


In addition to the control of the tail gain via a radio channel, ​It is possible to assign up to other three parameters to transmitter dials or potentiometers and fine tuning the assigned parameter during flight. Then you can land and set the new value as new default value with a simple movement of transmitter sticks.

Brain2 Dials image


It is possible to assign different components up to other dedicated 4 timers  (other than the main timer) to monitor their consumption and wear and evaluate when it is time to replace them and reset the relevant timer.

Brain2 Component Timers image


In addition to the output for Throttle, Tail and three outputs for the Swashplate, a sixth and seventh output allows the control of 4 servos swashplate or tandem rotors together​ glow plug ignition control or retractable landing gear control or control of lights, or smoke control, or buzer activation, or winch control, etc.


Proactive Governor for electric and Nitro/gasser (rotor speed control range: 800-6500 RPM), Autorotation Bailout for electric and Nitro/gasser, Automatic Pyro Compensation, Tail Motor Driven, 4 servo H-4 swashplate, Tandem Rotors heli, 560Hz servos also for swashplate, Up to 16 different possible mounting positions on the model, Flybarred heli, More than 2 blades head, Cyclic Ring, Swashplate Phasing, Infinite modes of Auto Level operation by fine adjustments of Auto Level gain and maximum stabilization angle, Infinite modes of Rescue operation by fine adjustments of pitch increment and duration, Throttle idle fail safe value for Nitro/gasser, Linearization of not linear servos (rotating servos) by servo exponentials, Automatic resetting of any drift of stick potentiometers, Tail drag compensation, Pitch Pump, A second loggable RPM input (Tail motor, etc.), External loggable PWM input, External Altimeter input, Pitch Expo (Lightening), Tail Dynamic for belt or torque tube, Quality Of Signal Analysis, Min V to go, Two Auxiliary Output (Aux1/Aux2), Max mAh used and RPM reduction for system without telemetry, Auto diagnosis, Support Request via software, etc. etc.

Brain2 Governor
Brain2 Tail Motor Driven
Brain2 4 servo swash
Brain2 Tandem Rotors
Brain2 Fast servos for Cyclic
Brain2 for flybarred models
Brain2 with more blades
Brain2 rescue
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