Acrobatic RC Helicopeter image

Install easily

Easy receivers connection with a single connecting cable (serial connections).
An easy Wizard lets you complete the setup of the model fast and without difficulty.

then …

Fly easily

No more the wind influence your fly, no more the motor acceleration or deceleration influence your fly, no more the different speed change your flight. It is no more needed that you compensating the model patterns changes. You must only think to what you want do and fly. Auto Level & Rescue, give you peace of mind.

Fly precise

A native 32 bit processor with a 32 bit Aritmetic Logic Unit permits very high precision calculations at fast rate in all the internal algoritm.

Servo outputs resolution of 4096 steps.

Fly as you like

Beginner, Sport, Acrobatic, 3D. Simply select your flight style and fly.

Fly safe

Auto diagnostic, Fail safe, Auto stabilization, Rescue.

Fly informed

You receive on your transmitter all the most important infos related to your model, and you can set alarms (acoustic, voice, vibrations) when a certain value trigger a settable value. Telemetry, Logs of internal parameters, Events recording, keep you informed during and after flights.

Fly reliable

Triple redundance, Watchdog.

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