As usual new Software and new Firmware notifications will be automatic, and system will prompt user to update once powered unit is connected to a Windows PC or Android devices or iOS devices with Internet connection active. For those with Brain2/iKon2 that do not frequently use the APP/Software (because the controller is fine as it was set up), let’s take a look at what is coming in the next update:

  • Software 3.3.000, Firmware 3.3.000 24 December 2019

NOTE: Updates for original Brain/iKON units are now discontinued – future firmware versions will not apply to the older units. From this version on, the Windows, Android and iOS apps will maintain backwards compatibility with old firmware versions. There will no longer be the need to update the firmware in order to make a settings change with new software’s. To improve load times, the update server will no longer serve up firmware for the legacy units. This means that downloading firmware updates will now be faster!

• From now the Aux channel is separated in to two different channels, one (B-Aux1) dedicated to the Auto Leve / Rescue function and the other (B-Aux2) dedicated to the CH2 output. During the first update the new B-Aux2 channel is set equal to the actual B-Aux1 channel so for users there is any change from the actual configuration
• Now to the CH2 output can be assigned a different radio channel from that used for the Auto Level / Rescue activation and used independently for the control of Buzzers, Turn On GlowPlug, Position Lights, Retractable Landing gear, Smoke Generators, Servo to adjust the carburation, etc. etc. or for the control by CCPM Mixer of fourth servo for H-4X swashplate
• Added H-4X swashplate icon in the “Swashplate Type Selection” page of the wizard and in the selection curtain of “Swashplate Type” in the Advanced => Common => CCPM. Selecting this Swashplate kind, the CH2 output is assigned and controlled by the CCPM Mixer and the B-Aux2 parameter shown in the “Transmitter Setup (Input)” panels is removed. This function doesn’t work with standard receivers and PPM/SUMO Receivers
• Revised in Advanced => Common the panel “CCPM” to show the new parameter “Servo 0 Angle (yellow):” that it is activated and graphically displayed only when the swashplate H-4X is selected
• Added in Advanced => Common => Servos the panel for the regulation of “Servo 0/Aux2/CH2” parameters
• Added in Spektrum and Graupner Integrations the selection for Swashplate CCPM H-4X and in Diagnostic the selection for the loggable B-Aux2 channel
• Added in Spektrum and Graupner Integrations in the Servo section all the regulations of the CH2 output (Servo0)
• Added in Jeti telemetry the possibility to select the RxAux2 value
• With all the Integrations (Spektrum, Jeti, Graupner, FrSky) and the app’s (Windows, Android, iOS) when the kind of a servo is changed (EG: between standard and tail servo and viceversa), the reverse status is maintained
• Now when in the “Swashplate Type Selection” panel, H-1 swashplate is selected (EG: Raptor), in the successive panel “Swashplate Setup (Output)” it is possible to regulate the excursion of “Pitch” and “Cyclic” servos precedent assigned only to CCPM Mixers without the need to go in Advanced (removed instructions of this). When H-1 swashplate is selected value for Pitch and Cyclic start both at 50%
• Now the minimum value for Ramp Up can be reduced to 2 (from 3 before) for scale models (also with Integration’s)
• Now with Spektrum telemetry in the telemetry page of Voltage/RPM/Temp when the Basic Telemetry or a Temperature sensors (Nitro) is selected, the Voltage field display the Servo Voltage instead than the Battery pack voltage displayed when an ESC is used
• Wizard “Tail Setup”: now user can see values changes and it is no more “blind” when “+” and/or “-“ buttons are pressed. Introduced limits to maximum and minimum values so that Tail Servo can no longer go out of sync and stop working
• Little reduction of the default values for maximum tail rotations when a “Flying Style” is selected in the Wizard. This to reduce the complaint from user for “Rudder output limit reached” Events
• Now, when a new Firmware update is available, in the window asking whether to update (Ok) or postpone the update (Cancel), no buttons are preselected anymore. The user must choose and decide what to do to move forward
• Fixed a problem with binding via software of SPM4649T introduced with 3.2.060 which forced bind using bind plug in to SPM4649T male connector
• Added in “Servo Charts” MKS Servo-tech HV93 and Lynx DS 895-HV Spektrum SPMSH3050 and SPMSH3060 servos
• Added Instructions for B-Aux2 in panel 6 and for CCPM H-4X swashplate in panel 7
• New version of README_for_ESC_datas_log_and_telemetry.pdf document
• New version of README_for_OpenTX_Integration.pdf document
• New version of “README_for_Spektrum_Integration.pdf” document
• Revised French instructions
• Updated Windows, Android, iOS libraries
• Some other grammatical corrections in the instructions and Label / Parameters Names
• Minor graphic changes
• Improvements/optimization/compression/size reduction/speed up of the code

Android / iOS app’s 3.3.000:
All the new functions and improvements already listed for “Software & “Firmware” with more:
• For iOS the app prevents the device (Smartphone/Tablet) from automatically entering sleep mode, resulting in loss of the wireless connection. NOTE: Before you put your smartphone in your pocket and go flying, remember to close the app

As usual for the Android and especially iOS app publication is needed some more time not dependent from us but from Google and especially Apple.

New updated version of

By….. Santa Claus.

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