On october 31th we released an update of the Windows software, the Android and iOS apps and the firmware for the six Brain2 units.
In addition to all the things already present in the previous updates, some new features and controls have been added and numerous improvements have been introduced suggested by users who are using the previous version 3.2.054

Here the announcement:

As usual new Software and new Firmware notifications will be automatic, and system will prompt user to update once powered unit is connected to a Windows PC or Android devices or iOS devices with Internet connection active. But for those with Brain that no longer use the APPs so frequently (because the controller is fine as it was set up), let’s know who was interested in the release of the following update:

  • Software 3.2.060, Firmware 3.2.060 31 October 2019

NOTE: In this update package the Windows, Android and iOS apps only work with the new Firmware. As a result, previous firmware versions are deactivated and can no longer be downloaded. If for any reasons you do not want to update the firmware of your units, you should therefore avoid updating the Windows app (“Cancel” when a software update is proposed) and avoid updating the Android and iOS apps (by deactivating the “auto update” function of the app).

• Added the decoding of the new F.Port protocol (single wire, uninverted, bidirectional) used by FrSky selecting the “SUMD/UDI/Xbus-B/SRXLv2/Mpx-SRXL 12 & 16ch / unidirectional Spektrum SRXL” icon / protocol
• Improved the new Spektrum SRXL v2 protocol for future receivers: Better measure of Fades and other than RSSI dBm now is managed also RSSI %
• Now S.Bus protocol is also able to decode S.Bus signal coming from RadioLink receivers
• Doubled the frame rate speed with Futaba S-FHSS receivers
• Now each time the “SUMD / UDI / Xbus-B /SRXLv2 / SRXL Spektrum (unidirectional old receivers) / Mpx-SRXL 12 & 16Ch / F.Port” icon / protocol is selected for the first time, other than automatically recognizing of the right protocol also the channel assignment is automatically changed and adapted to the specific protocol
• Now with FrSky during the use of the integration there should be no “Sensor Lost” signals at all
• FrSky Integration it is now twice as fast as before (finally “acceptable”) is now more “consistent” and is no more slowed down if no sensor or 20 sensors are active and connected to the Smart.Port bus
• The new much more compact LUAC script for FrSky Integration now officially load also on Taranis Q X7 ACCST small memory with also full telemetry (entry level, very low cost solution but with all features)
• The recognition and setup of the new “Tail Motor Driven” has also been added in all the Integrations (Spektrum, Jeti, Graupner, FrSky)
• For the setup of Motor Tail driven, the tail sensor inversion reading has been implemented to give feedback to users (now when you use Tail Motor and click on the Tail Reverse icon in the Tail panel of the wizard, the “virtual” servo changes appearance)
• “Tail Motor” has also been added in the list of parameters assignable to the timers
• Tail motor can now be used also with Mini Brain2 units other than Micro Brain2 units
• With Tail Motor, improved the automatic Pyro Compensation
• When a factory reset is done, the new default value for “Pulses for rotation” is now 3
• In Wizard panel 12 & in Advanced -> Common -> “Thrott&Gov if checkbox “Motor is electric” is deselected & “Pulses for rotation” is greater than 3, “Pulses for rotation” value is changed to 1. If “Motor is electric” is selected and “Pulses of rotation” value is less than 3 “Pulses of rotation is changed to 3
• Added in “Servo Charts” Align DS450, Align DS455, BK7003HV e BK7007HV servos
• Renamed the Brain AUX channel to B-AUX1 to avoid possible confusion to users with AUX1 (Pitch) of Spektrum transmitters (S-AUX1)
• Increased the delay of the telemetric transmission from 4 to 5 seconds to let BEC Voltage stabilize more
• The maximum value of the “ESC Current” parameter graphs (instantaneous current) has been increased from 200A to 220A
• Added the new loggable parameter “SRXL receiver %” (used by new SRXL2 receivers) in all the app
• DIAGNOSTIC: Added unit of measure symbols to all the parameters descriptions used in Flight logs
• If the unit is in Boot Loader an ad hoc message is presented and the firmware update cannot be canceled.
• Timers: put confirmation message before timer reset
• Timers: if a configuration file (MTR) is loaded, the four resettable timers are not overwritten
• In panel 4 “Receiver Selection” of the wizard revised in the instructions the order of receivers following the order of the icons (from left to right and from top to bottom)
• If for any reason the telemetric signal of the esc does not reach the control unit on the transmitters for the value “Throttle” is shown “0” and no more 50%
• New version of README_for_ESC_datas_log_and_telemetry.pdf document
• New version of README_for_OpenTX_Integration.pdf document
• Revised French instructions
• With Spanish language when you select “Load config. from File …” the configuration files on PC are now visible
• Some grammatical corrections in the instructions and Label / Parameters Names
• Minor graphic changes
• Improvements/optimization/compression/reduction/speed up of the code
• Now when you execute “Configure bluetooth module…” (even using the same previous PIN and NAME), some configuration parameters are modified to improve communication
• Improved RxFades calculation with SPM4649T RX
• Updated the “RxFrameRate” calculation for Jeti EX Bus with the new routine already used for other protocol

Android /iOS app’s 3.2.060:
All the new functions and improvements already listed for “Software & “Firmware” with more:
• ‘Check Mode’ can now be selected also in ‘Advanced Mode’
• Changed the order of the utility section. Now it is like the Windows application
• Now also iPad models with low horizontal/vertical ratio (not “wide”) work in landscape mode
• Using the Android & iOS app if the unit is in Boot Loader, it is no longer necessary to wait several minutes to access the interface

As usual for the Android and especially iOS app publication is needed some more time not dependent from us but from Google and especially Apple.

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