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Mini brain 2 update from 3.4.086 to 3.4.139 damaged CH2 output

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I updated a working Mini Brain 2 with 80+ flights on it from 3.4.086 to 3.4.139 and upon power-up, servo on Ch2 does not work. No other changes were made with setup, radio, or other changes to the servos or air frame. Exchanging servo 2 with servo three shows the servo to be working, so the problem is with FBL Ch2 output not producing a signal to the servo.

Two days earlier I flew the helicopter 6 times with no issues, and in fact enjoyed it.

This is an oscilloscope picture of the failed Mini Brain 2:

scope 30 bad ch2 output

(yellow is CH1, green Ch2, blue Ch3, and red ch4)

The trace in green is the problem output. How can this output fail with just a firmware update?

Going back to a factory reset, or previous firmware versions also do not fix the problem.

For reference, below is a trace from a working Mini Brain 2 from another helicopter:

scope 33 good outputs

Please help with the failed CH2 output.

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