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[Solved] Events code 227 : ESC: lack of one phase

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Hello BRAINDEV, I'm using the last BRAIN SW 3.4.149 on my OMP M4, using the new OMP telemetry features. Everything works fine, except that I found a new red event in the event files: ESC: lack of one phase:


Could you please tell us what does it mean? Is it a specific OMP ESC fault or a more generic one? What could trigger such a warning?

I noticed also in the logs, at the same exact moment, a peak in the consumed capacity, I imagine there is a link...

I attach the config, event and flight log files. It happens at 490s in the flight logs, which corresponds to 497s in the event file (I don't know why there is a 7 seconds shift).


Thanks in advance,


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These events are generated by the ESC and transmitted by the telemetry signal coming out of the ESC to the flight controller, which is only responsible for displaying them in the Events:

In addition to OMP, many other ESCs (YGE, Scorpion, HW Platinum V5, new Kontronik's) have the same function and generate the same types of errors perhaps with slightly different names but still having the same meaning and sense.

In your case, as a first step you need to verify:
- That all six welds of the male and female connectors that connect the three motor leads to the three ESC leads are in good condition and are not cold welds.
- That the male and female connectors have good tightening and sealing between them and are not "loose."
- That the cables do not rub against the edge of the carbon frame with the risk of sparks and short circuits.
- That the connectors are well insulated and cannot touch each other by shorting.
- That the screws that secure the motor to the frame are not too long and may rub against the motor windings. If it is prescribed in the assembly instructions that washers be fitted under the heads of the screws to prevent the tips of the bolts from touching against the windings, they absolutely must have been fitted to avoid this kind of risk.

Only if all these five things turn out to be okay, then you can contact OMP asking what you need to do to resolve this type of error.

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Thanks a lot for your detailed answer. I'll do the checks you have suggested and, if the issue occurs again, I'll contact OMP to have a better understand of its root cause.

Grazie mille e a presto,


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