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Brain 2 - not able to reach high flip roll rate

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Hi BrainDev, 

I`m flying Brain 2 on a XLPower 520.

My roll and flip rates for aileron and elevator are set at 550 but the roll rate is not enough for my liking.

(I am also a bit confused by the high number since the description states 550 should be degrees/second but it is definitely not rolling that fast)

If I try to go up, at around 600 value, the change is barely noticeable.

another side effect is that helicopter starts to shake in a hover.

to counter this effect I need to lower D gain on both aileron and elevator which introduces some overshoots on aileron in aggressive tick-tocks.


My PIDs are:

aileron P40, I50, D15ish (I need to go around 25-30 to counter the shake on fast tick tocks)

elevator P40, I50, D60ish


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I think you are reaching for rotational rates beyond the helicopter's abilities. Cyclic settings, blades, pitch, helicopter mechanics all affect the rotational rate. I doubt you will see any improvement beyond 360. I would turn on logging in the Brain to see what rotational rates you are getting. 

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If I consider 360 as being degrees/second...I am definitely below that.

XLPower 520, mechanically wise should be able to go more. So it is only a matter of understanding how I can tune the brain2 unit. 

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A rotation speed of 360°S is equivalent to a whole rotation of the model on itself in only one second and this is already a very high rotation speed.
As for a car, the maximum performance of that specific car model (the maximum speed) cannot be further increased by further increasing the throttle.
The same for the performance of an RC heli that depends on the battery, ESC, motor, blades and the size and weight of the model.
If the control unit output is already at full but the model does not rotate any faster, it means that you have reached the maximum performance limit of that model in its current configuration.
As always, reliable and measured data would be necessary and helpful to avoid relying on "gut feelings", "impressions" and making "assumptions" that could be wrong.
We would need: the current FCU configuration file, the event file, and a flight log file.

Most probably in the Events there are events like ".... limit reached" which means that even if you ask for more than the model can give, the output signals are already at the maximum.
Most likely the rotor RPMs do not reach the maximum value that model and blades could reach.
In panel 8 "Swashplate Setup", is the cyclic adjustment done as instructed to reach 10° blade angle? Many users from other controllers adjust the value to 8° because their previous controller (Beastx) asked to adjust to 8° without having read the instructions of the new controller.
However, the only way to increase the performance of an RC heli is to increase the rotor RPM, but always within the maximum limits set by the model manufacturer and the blade manufacturer. Or use blades with higher performance and speed.

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