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Smoked my iKon2 Mini - Polarity Protection?

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I have an iKon2 Mini. I was accidentally off by 1 pin when I went to connect CH3 to my RX. The center red (+) wire of the lead hit the black (-) pin of CH3. There was a pop + little smoke. Wouldn't this fall into the Polarity Protection that the iKon2 is said to have? 

More details: 

  • The other end of the servo lead wire is connected to a FrSky SmartPort.
  • This is not a first-time setup. I have flown with this iKon2 and was simply cleaning up my wiring which led to the mistake.
  • I figured the whole thing was cooked, but surprisingly, when I connect the iKon2 to my computer via the cable set, the iKon2 still powers up perfectly fine.
  • The iKon2 however no longer powers up when I correctly connect CH3 <> RX SmartPort (without the connection to my computer)

Does this should like a valid warranty claim since the polarity protection should have prevented this?

Polarity Protection - Keeping Things Safe.
No fear awaits you when it comes to powering up the iKON2. With the iKON2, polarity protection is built in with all pins polarity protected. Simple and effective, without any nasty surprises.

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We are sorry for what happened.

Reverse polarity protection, as the word itself implies, prevents Fligt Control Units from being damaged by plugging in a 2S lipo pack power connector on Nitro / Gasser models or the BEC connector on electric models with inverted / reversed polarity: signal on the ground pin and ground on the signal pin.

This type of protection was not present in the first batch of FCUs produced and sold 10 years ago but was added in all subsequent production batches starting nine years ago.

In this case, unfortunately, there was no reversal of polarity, but different connectors were connected together, shorting them and circulating the supply current between different circuits.

Since we realise how frustrating it can be while preparing a new model to have to stop and not be able to continue because of the failure and/or breakage of any part of the model, we suggest that you contact the shop where you bought the control unit, explaining the problem and asking them if they can supply you with a new control unit at a discounted price.

PS1: since you did not fill in the "Location" field during registration, we do not know from which part of the world you are writing to us.

PS2: We sell the six Brain2 branded flight control unit models. The iKon2 brand is owned by Helidirect. We cannot sell or replace iKon2 branded controllers that are not our property. We therefore suggest that you contact Helidirect directly.

PS3: you wrote to us: "the iKon2 still powers up perfectly fine" but you did not send us the configuration file, the event file and a Flight Log file as requested in "[Sticky] When you ask for support:". We are therefore unable to tell you whether the control unit is still working properly or not. 

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