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Brain 2 no cyclic gyro function

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I have no gyro function. When i move the heli as directed on the last panel of the wizard, the gyro is not making any compensation to the swash, so i cannot confirm gyro function or direction. on powerup i get 4 bumps of the swash with solid green led and one flash of red led ( setup 1 selected ) on the brain 2. My brain 2 is new, purchased from MSH diect last week and under warranty, updated to lastest firmware 3.4.126 and correctly mounted an orientated in the model.



i cant attach my config file or events log as the forum message states " no more attachments are allowed today " !! this is my first post!!  

Also i tried to send to support via the windows app but got an error there to related to a server issue? 


Can anyone at MSH help please. unit is only 1 week old. 

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Good morning Gerry.

Thank you for sending us the Configuration and Events files via e-mail. It would have been helpful to also receive a recorded logs so that we could check the power trend graph.

What you write to us is indeed strange and abnormal.

However, we would like to point out 4 things to you:

1) When with the software you are in panels 8 or 9 of the Wizard, SW activate the Check Mode function which, as explained in the side instructions, completely disables the operation of the gyros so that they do not affect the calibration of the swashplate and tail.

2) When you leave the USB cable connected to the flight controller, the controller is properly powered and working. However, if you disconnect the battery that powers the ESC and thus its internal BEC, the receiver and servos are de-powered and will no longer move even though the USB continues to power the flight controller.

3) If you disconnect the battery while leaving the USB cable connected, the ESC is never reset and therefore does not perform the initialization procedure.

4) If you connect a battery (or a BEC) to the CH4-5-6 connector, the Flight Control Unit is damaged.

We point out points 2 and 3 because a restart of the flight controller never appears in your Events file.

Also, we see that while the Configuration file was saved, the Throttle signal was at 20%. This means that the ESC and therefore the BEC powering the servos were not powered otherwise the main and tail rotor would be turning while the Configuration file was being saved.

Related to the 20% Throttle, we also see that you have set the "Min V to go" value for a six-cell Lipo (and for the size of your model it is set for 420/520mm blades). Are you sure that at power ON the battery is fully charged and the swashplate makes 4 movements staying perfectly horizontal and not instead that the swashplate makes 4 elevator movements indicating that the battery is not fully charged and blocking the output of the Throttle signal for three tries?

Each time the unit is started, several self-diagnostic tests are performed, including self-diagnosis of the gyro chip and diagnosis of correct communication of the gyro chip with the microprocessor.

If all the diagnostic tests are successful, event No. 3 "All the Self Tests Passed Successfully" appears among the initial events at Power on otherwise the type of diagnostic error appears.

Neither event No. 3 nor any other error event appears in its event file. However, neither does a single event #1 "Power On" appear.

If there are errors in the gyro related diagnostics, the red led instead of emitting one flash (Setup 1) or two flashes (Setup 2) or three flashes (Setup 3) emits 4 flashes.

How many flashes does your unit's red led emit?


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