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v-bar like auto trim

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I friend recently showed me his new v-bar setup, he moved away from Frsky/brain primarily because of the auto trim function. Is that something MSH is working on for the Brain/Ikon?

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Please go to the FAQ section and read the answer to question #30b:

Auto Trim of the swashplate is designed for newbies who do not yet know how to configure their model and can barely do hovering.
Since no controller is able to lengthen or shorten the linkages that go from the servos to the swashplate, the only chance left for flight controllers to correct the alignment of the swashplate is to unregulate the center positions of the swashplate servo horns by moving them from their correct optimal 90-degree position relative to the main shaft. This, since almost all servos are not linear but rotary, then makes the swashplate control asymmetrical on one side with respect to the other side, with different positive versus negative resolutions and thus also with different positive versus negative excursion speeds. The final adjustment is therefore not the optimal one achievable only by leaving the servos at 90° to the main shaft when in the center position and instead lengthening or shortening the links from the servos to the swashplate.
This makes configurations made by Auto Trim decidedly imperfect compared to configurations made manually by varying the lengths of the swashplate servo links.
Implementing this possibility would be extremely simple and fast, however, we want users who fly with our flight control units to fly in the best possible way.
Therefore, for this reason, we prefer that users learn the simple procedures and rules that are minimal and necessary to properly configure their model to achieve the maximum performance achievable with their model and the components used.

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