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Correction Factor Mah Used with OMP ESC

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With some tinkering got the telemetry working for the OMP 65A Esc and now looking into using the ''mAH used'' data to setup alarms on my EdgeTx transmitter.

The first flights show that the telemetry data is way off from the charging data from the packs, the charged back value is a constant 64% of the telemetry data.

Which I understand can be due to different factors in the ESC.

I wanted to use the correction factor in the FBL to get the correct data shown on the transmitter.

I entered -34% (which isn't really a factor) into the configuration field, but later flights still showed the same error between telemetry data and charged back data.

Checking the MSH supplied readme, the mAh used is calculated by the OMP esc itselve, googling I found that the correction factor is the not used/ should not be able to be set when the ESC is doing it own calculations.

But with OMP selected in the telemetry input, it can be set, but it seems it is not effective.

I'm not 100% sure as I don't have a BT dongle for OMP esc, but upto now I didn't find any info that calibration/correction can be done in the ESC.

So a working correction factor in the Brain would be beneficial.

Please correct this behavior.

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Thank you for your report.

Foreword: as already explained many times, it is not necessary that the value of the current consumed by the battery corresponds to the real value. However, it is important that the measurement is repetitive.
If an alarm is to be triggered on the transmitter when e.g. a 3000mAh battery has consumed 2700mAh but the ESC instead of measuring a consumption of 2700mA measures a consumption of 1300mAh, simply set the alarm on the transmitter to this value instead of the real value.

Having said that, from the tests done with our ESC and the tests done by Origin Hobby, the values were 99% correct, but it is quite normal that from one device to another there can be differences caused by tolerances in the copper thickness of one batch of circuit boards and another batch and also from one batch of components to another batch.

For this reason, in the configuration software of ESCs that directly calculate and deliver the mAh value used (Kontronik, YGE, Scorpion), there is always a parameter for correcting the measurement in order to be able to transmit the real values.
To avoid confusion and duplication of the same correction that could be made both in the ESC configuration and also in the telemetry configuration of our flight control units, we have deactivated for these ESC types the possibility of making two corrections of the same value (one in the ESC and one in the flight controller), corrections that could conflict with each other.

Since this correction factor was not provided for in the OMP ESC configuration apps, we will take care of it (although we think the ESC manufacturer should have taken care of it as the other brands have done).

At this point, once we have written and introduced a subroutine for correcting the value received by the OMP ESCs, we will also use it for the other ESCs (Kontronik, YGE, Scorpion) so that the correction factor for all ESC types and models can be managed directly via our flight controllers.

But the important thing will be that users do not make the same correction twice (either in the ESC software and in the flight controller software).

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