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TX Options for see flight data logged directly in the transmitter

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Hi BrainDev,

I'm a big fan of your brain 2 FBL products and I'm looking in the market for a new radio with integration with Brain 2 and with the capability of seeing flight data logged and graphs directly on my transmitter screen, without the need of a PC, just like you can do with vbar control touch. I know that integration works with Frsky OpenTX transmitters and with Jeti Transmitters, but I don't know if you can also see Brain 2 graphs and log data directly on the transmitter screen.

With my Futaba 14SG right now I can only see max and min values of every telemetry sensor at the end of the flight. To see data log I must connect the SD card to my PC, so if I need the PC I prefer to directly see data logs in Brain 2 PC Software or mobile app. Futaba system is so closed, so I think we will never see integration and better data log features in Futaba radios.

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The telemetry protocol used by Futaba (S.Bus2) is now old and largely outdated by the new telemetry protocols developed in the meantime by other brands. In fact, it is a one-way protocol that only works in one direction (telemetry data travels from the receiver to the transmitter, but there is no possibility of transmitting data or requests/commands from the transmitter to the receiver). In addition, only sensor data developed and sold by Futaba can travel to the transmitter, and no other data.

Also Futaba's transmitter software has never had an interpreter for any kind of language such as LUA (OpenTX) or JSN (Jeti) with which to write software that can send requests or data to the receivers and that can be used to create dedicated pages on Futaba's transmitter screens.

As already explained several times in the forums and in response to requests from our users, it is because of these two major shortcomings that with Futaba radio systems it is not possible to achieve "Integration" with our control units, which has instead been possible with other radio systems (Jeti, OpenTX, Spektrum, Graupner).

As far as log graphs are concerned, the screens of current transmitters do not have high graphic resolutions, and many software programs do not even have graphic routines that allow curves to be plotted with sufficient resolution.

EG: Jeti transmitters allow a maximum of only three of the telemetry data to be plotted. Keep in mind, however, that in addition to the limit of only three parameters at a time, the frame rate at which telemetry data is transmitted and received is lower than the frame rate at which the data can be recorded in the flight log memory of our flight controllers units.

For these reasons, we have added the DIAGNOSTIC section to our Android and iOS APPs, allowing you to plot graphs of all telemetry data recorded at high sample rates (up to 20 samples per second) on the high-resolution screens of your smartphone.

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