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Futaba ESC Telemetry

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It looks like these futaba esc's are rebranded hobbywing platinum esc,  is the telemetry for these esc's supported by brain2?

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Align has also been selling ESCs for a few years under the RCE name that are rebranded HobbyWing ESCs.

During the first year of sale the Align ESCs due to the firmware installed in production by HobbyWing were not transmitting telemetry data.
At that time some users were able to activate telemetry by installing Hobbywing firmware in to the Align ESC. Other users reported that this type of update was blocked by the HobbyWing configuration software. Pobably it depended on whether the Hobbywing configuration software version was up-to-date or not.
Then Align released an update to its "rebranded" configuration software that contained a firmware update that when installed in ESCs enabled telemetry data transmission in the HobbyWing format.
Our most recent software indicates this:


As for HobbyWing rebranded Futaba ESCs, we don't know anything about it. You should ask Futaba support directly who will be able to tell you if the "rebranded" Hobbywing firmware they use in their ESCs is a version that does or does not transmit telemetry data.
However, if we were in your shoes, instead of asking us or Furtaba or Hobbywing waiting for the various answers, we would have already updated the ESC to the latest firmware version available and then connected the ESC to the flight controller and checked with the Real Time diagnostics of our controllers whether the battery voltage and temperature values are getting to our flight controller.
We do not have these ESCs and will not buy them anyway. We would have to sell hundreds of FCUs without making any profit just to pay back the purchase of a Futaba ESC.

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