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Brain overspeed when coming out of bailout

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The online submission in the software doesn't appear to be working.

I have a friend who is running a HobbyWing 260. We had a zoom session (He's in another state) to review his Brain setup. All endppoints appear to be set correctly. When spooling up out of bailout his helicopter over speeds badly (1750 head speed but goes over 2200hs). He runs 0% throttle on bailout (he has bailout and run). I run a 3 postion switch so I have 0% Throttle hold, 5% bailout, 45% idle up one and do NOT see the issue. If I move my bailout throttle to 0% I can recreate the same issue. I looked through the manual but I must be missing bailout setup. Does it require at least 5% throttle to work? You can see in the logs where the Brain request super high throttle. I know the HW 260 is a new speed controller so I don't know if this is a firmware issue or something else. Any help would be appreciated.




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Good morning,

Thank you for sending the screenshot of the error, this allows us to improve.
The sending of the email fails because the address (located in Mariland in USA) turns out to be blacklisted on SPauthBL which is in localhost (127.0.0.X).
Since it is in localhost, it is most likely the PC's antivirus that is blocking the sending.
We therefore suggest that you turn off the Antivirus & Firewall for a moment and try the send again.

Thank you also for sending the diagnostic files.
We see that you have made only 36 flights with this flight controller despite the fact that the flight controller was activated Friday, September 8, 2017 6:07:54 AM, six years ago. Strange.

We see on page 1 of the Wizard that you have not selected the brand of the Lipo's you use, the brand of the main blades, the brand of the tail blades, and the mode in which your transmitter is set.
Can you give us this information?
Thank you!

We see that you have set in the governor of the flight controller very low main rotor speeds (1275rpm), can the Protos 700 get up with such low speeds? We have never tried such low values. We see that once you reach the prvised RPM speed, the Power Output value of your ESC remains around 55%. If you intend to fly only at such low RPMs and know that you will never increase them in the future, we suggest that you use a pinion gear with one tooth less to make the ESC work around 70-80% so that the ESC works better and heats up a little less (now it gets to 51°C) and the ESC errors that are present in the Events do not occur.

When the problems you reported (RPM overshoot and/or RPM oscillations) occur in 95% of the cases, it is because you are using two governors (the ESC's and the flight controller's) at the same time, which conflict with each other because of the inevitably different ramps and also the different response and reaction times. When one governor slowly ramps up the RPM, the other governor sees that the RPM does not rise as expected and increases the output command or vice versa and so on.
The problem is confirmed by the oscillations visible in the RPM curve present in the Flight Log you sent us although 4 of the loggable parameters including the default ones: RxThrottle, ThrottleOut and Gov Engaged status were disabled and not logged.
Therefore, the solution is to disable the ESC governor by reprogramming it (AS EXPLAINED IN THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE GOVERNOR PAGE 12) in "Fixed-wing" mode or in "Ext Governor".

Let us know if this solves your problem.

PS: the day before yesterday, HobbyWing released an update to the firmware libraries of its ESCs. If you feel like it, you can check if there is an update for your ESC. We haven't had time to check our Hobbywing ESCs yet.

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