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Screen 14 - Description of Swashplate Movements

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Hello Team MSH Electronics

Thanks for continuing to enhance the Brain/Ikon firmware. I really value the continued improvements of your product.

One of the enhancements in version 3.4.059 is Wizard screen 14. It now has a more comprehensive description of swashplate movements.

To make it easier to locate information, I would like to see a complete description of swash movements in this screen.

I suggest the following paragraph be added:

"When parameters are used for fine tuning, after storing the new value it is confirmed by the swashplate movements: up, down, up, down, then back to the stick position like that at the initialization of the unit after power on."

Thanks for considering.

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Thank you very much for your appreciation of our commitment, efforts and work in continuing to improve software and firmware always free of charge for users.

Thank you very much for the suggestion of improving the instructions.

However, wouldn't it be redundant and a duplication of what is already written and explained in the pdf of "Dials" instructions found in the MANUALS section of all software versions?
If one wants to use and activate the Dials one has to necessarily read the instructions before doing so and then when the Dials have been activated the user necessarily already knows these things otherwise he would not know how to store the new values.

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Thanks for the quick response.

My point is that for users there is value for having all the relevant data in one place.  Whilst the experts might be able to instantly know in which separate manual the relevant item is covered, for many of us it is of more value to have all of it covered in one section.

That is why I quoted the paragraph from the separate document.

This make up for the disadvantage of not having all the directions in a single searchable user manual.

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