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Measuring consumed Wh instead of mAh

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Would it be technically possible to measure the energy consumption in Wh instead of mAh?
I do realize that it would require taking Voltage into consideration to calculate consumed Wh's.

I'm asking cause the discrepancy between the amount of energy drawn from the battery is quite big when flying the same machine on low RPM and high RPM, even though I always land when the mAh counter tells me to do so (I have the alarm set on 3500mAh for 5000mAh 12S batteries)

I know that current sensors in ESCs tend to be more precise when measuring higher amperages, but I also think that it may come from the fact that mAh is not really the unit of energy. 
When drawing lower current the battery stays on higher voltage level for long, so the I consume more real energy (Wh) even though the mAh counter doesn't say so.

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Sorry, but it would not change anything.
Since power is the product of current and voltage, and since the problem lies in the accuracy with which many ESCs measure current, measuring power from an inaccurate current value would in no way solve the problem.
Moreover, the current drawn in a circuit is a value that already takes into account the circuit voltage, (with voltage perfectly at zero the current is zero and vice versa if the circuit voltage increases, the current drawn by the same resistive load also increases).
Furthermore, since virtually all battery chargers indicate the current used to recharge batteries it is easy to compare the current discharged with the current recharged into the battery but it would instead become more complex to directly correlate the power used with the current recharged.
The problem is in the method and circuit used to measure by some ESCs the current drawn and can only be improved by ESC manufacturers.

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