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Frsky Telemetry: List of IDs used

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I'm using Frsky f.bus/f.port connections between my receivers and the Brain FBL. I'm also creating a template transmitter program for my helicopters. I've learned if you create the sensor in Ethos/EdgeTX, and manually set the sensor physical and application ID, then it is persistent across receiver changes, and therefore logical switches and programs do not need to be cleaned up when the receiver changes. (if you use auto-discover, then the sensors will be re-mapped when you change the receiver, and any programs will need to be updated)

I wanted to know if there is a published table for mapping the Physical and Application IDs, the sensor name (as reported in the transmitter) and the actual sensor description (human readable). I noticed that the telemetry datasheets shows that Hobbywing ESCs reports ESC output power as a percentage, but I don't know which sensor name that maps to.

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Replacing the receiver on a model is a very rare operation that is only done if the transmitter is changed or the receiver starts to malfunction.

The same applies to the serial communication protocol between receiver and flight control unit which in addition to receiver reconfiguration also requires reconfiguration of the flight controller.

For this reason, if the receiver is changed or the communication protocol is changed, we strongly recommend performing a total sensor erasure and a new automatic discovery. It is a very simple and fast operation.

This is also because changes in transmitter operating systems and receiver firmware are frequently introduced. We must also point out that unfortunately very often each FrSky receiver behaves differently from other receivers and changing receivers can lead to different behaviour.
Automatic discovering automatically solves all these problems.

In addition, automatic discovering allows the correct functioning of lua integrations that might otherwise have problems.

In addition, the F.Port protocol and the F.Bus protocol behave totally differently with regard to telemetry sensor identification and integration.

In addition to these things, new sensors can also be added or old ones modified.

For all these reasons, we strongly advise against making a manual setting of the sensors, but to have it done automatically by the transmitter.

Regardless of the above, the telemetry documentation contains references to the IDs you are asking for:


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