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Tailmotor does not run (µbrain 2 in BLADE 150S)

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I am currently trying to run a µbrain 2 in the BLADE 150S. Unfortunately I can't get the rear motor to run. After initializing, the tail motor starts beeping and jerks in sync with it. In menu 7 "Servo selection" I of course selected "Tail motor driven" and tried to get the motor running with the tail rotor settings as described (tail throttle stick at the bottom left and then "+" until the motor starts). Unfortunately, beeping does nothing. I've also tried "servo reverse" or held the stick down to the right and let all values run through from min - max.

I use a Spektrum DX8 G2 with DSMX-Sat and the servo travels are of course all correctly adjusted in "Transmitter settings (input)".

I would have liked to include the setup file here for you. Unfortunately this is not allowed. Therefore, below is a link where it can be downloaded. Many thanks in advance for your support.

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Unfortunately without configuration files it is impossible for us to tell what values you have set in the flight controller.

It could be caused by the spam filter / protection that prevents spammers who have just signed up and are writing to our site for the first time from attaching viruses or anything else dangerous.
You can try sending us the configuration file as an email attachment to customercare@msh-electronics.com

In the meantime, we can anticipate that like all ESCs, the ESCs that control the tail motors also do not trigger for safety reasons until they see the control signal (Throttle) go completely to zero. Until this ESC transmit to the motor windings frequencies in the acoustic range (20-20,000Hz) that generate sounds (beeps) to the motor windings. Our flight controllers do not make these sounds because they are not equipped with speakers or buzzers.

You should therefore try to reduce the minimum tail control signal until your model's tail ESC triggers. The defaults normally work without problems and it is strange that they do not work for you unless they used to work and then you changed them not working anymore.

Note: The tail anti-torque motor will not start unless the main rotor starts first, generating torque to counteract with the tail. This is also to prevent the tail motor from rotating with model stationary on the table.

The tail motor also does not rotate when the model is stationary on the table and is not rotating on its own Z axis and no commands are given with the transmitter.

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