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Spektrum Sky Remote ID Integration

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Is it possible to connect a Spektrum Sky Remote ID module to an IKON2/Brain2 and receive its data feed as telemetry to the radio? If so what port would the SKY signal wire be connected to on the FBL and would this limit other telemetry feeds (ESC telemetry for example) or external receiver configurations (can you still run dual DSMX satellites)?

Wanted to leave this open ended so it could apply to multiple radio setups but would assume most running one of these would be like me and using a SRXL2 receiver, ESC telemetry, and DSMX satellites in all the predefined FBL ports. 

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Good morning

Spektrum's SRXL2 serial communication protocol allows multiple devices using the same SRXL2 bus such as ESCs and telemetry sensors to be connected to the same SRXL2 bus.

It is therefore sufficient for you to connect your Sky Remote ID to the SRXL2 bus between the receiver and the flight controller.
To do this you may need to use a "Y" cable to be added between the receiver and flight controller. The SRXL2 bus will both power your Sky Remote ID and send telemetry data to the receiver, which will then transmit it to your transmitter on the ground.

This is also explained in the Sky Remote ID instructions.

We do not have a Sky Remote ID to be able to do the tests and function checks between Spektrum's Sky Remote IDs and Spektrum receivers (in Europe it is a useless device because European regulations are different from US regulations and therefore it is a device not available in Europe).
However, the tests were done at Spektrum.

In fact, a year ago before the Sky Remote ID was released on the market, our contacts at Spektrum told us that in order to make this new device work, they had introduced changes in the transmission of certain telemetry values so that these 'old' values could not interfere with the data flow of their new Sky Remote ID, and that having done some testing with our flight controllers, we had to introduce the change ourselves. Modification which we did and which is present in the latest versions of our Brain2 flight controller firmware's since before the Sky Remote ID was released on the market.

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