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OMP M1 using Brain2 micro with OMP ESC

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I've read a couple of the OMP M2 threads in the support section about troubleshooting the M2 with the Brain2, but nowhere does it talk about the OMP ESC's pin-outs for tail and throttle connections to the Brain2.

I can probably figure out the pin-outs using my oscilloscope, but if someone already has the details, it saves me time.

My "plan" is to unscrew the OMP M1 flight controller, solder some micro-JST leads (that match the micro Brain2) to the ESC and connect them to the Brain2's throttle and rudder ports.

I assume that the ECS is a re-branded ESC for someone other than OMP but, I haven't seen any details about it or how makes it.

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I've seen some mention on Discord RotorFlight with the brain and using BLHeli on the esc's so could be worth a visit here,

Ian Contessa
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Hey Buddy.


I've not seen any pinouts for the M1, but I am flying a Micro Brain2 on my OMP M2, but not with the stock ESC board. While I did try it, I wasn't happy with the tail behaviour and so am running to seperate BLheli FVT Little Bee ESC's flashed with the MAIN and TAIL firmwares respectively for each task. Mind you I was using an older revision OMP ESC board, as I didn't want to mess up a V4 should I get something wrong. 

This setup is working well and I have a nice flying machine, still not tried any 3D yet, but I am now trying mechanical changes on the blade grip control ball length to see if I can improve the mechanical gains to work better with the electronic ones.


As I am using two ESC's and a seperate BEC, I did recently go back to trying to get the OMP ESC board working with another FBL unit on my bench, however I completely over-looked the fact the loose brushless motor I was using for testing would still go nuts when not held down, even without a prop (or other) on it, so it knotted itself up and shorted out two phases and blew the tail ESC. So I'm currently making up another setup using a YEP18a I got hold of on the main motor and another FVT Little Bee 12a on the tail, the latter again flashed with BLheli TAIL firmware. The YEP has an inbuilt BEC so remvoes one item.

On route from Aliexpress i have a BLheli_S ESC coming to try as well in time, with a good BEC, but that will be later on.

As above another good option is the RotorFlight development using a drone flight controller with a heavily modified BetaFlight firmware suited to helicopters and this works well, my other M2 is running it so I can compare back to back with this one flying the Brain2. However part of me still prefers the traditional FBL units for helicopters as I unserstand them more, so I'm still trying to improve the Brain2 setup.


Ian Contessa


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